Jun 2, 2020
Cottagecore: quaint, kitsch-loving Gen Zers

Having emerged from Tumblr and established a presence on TikTok, the cottagecore subculture has seen young Americans go online to post pastoral aesthetics and participate in activities that are more common in rural areas. But what exactly is driving Gen Z’s interest in quaint lifestyles?

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Born on Tumblr (like most digital subcultures), the Gen Z-led cottagecore movement revolves around a romanticized view of agricultural life. [1] It crossed over to Instagram and TikTok in 2019 thanks to viral videos (many of which begin with the words ‘Ayo, cottagecore check!’) that have given it a wider online presence. With more than 170,000 TikTok followers, @soraBlu is one of the champions of this community. Living her life from a caravan, she shares snaps of her serene, pastoral days that are typified by woodland animals, mushroom picking, and flower pressing. Meanwhile, Nancee Craft’s @cottagecore_faerie Instagram account features an array of Tumblr-esque images that fit this aesthetic, from close-ups of floral skirts to countryside picnics. “Cottagecore is all about living quaint [with] very eco-friendly, ‘save the world’ ideas underlining it,” she says. “It encourages people to avoid plastic waste, to thrift, and to use their own home goods such as vegetables, fruit, etc. It's an awesome movement!” [2]