HELLO, WE'RE CANVAS8We’re a strategic insights practice.
We help you understand changes in consumer culture and behavior so you can build better


Proudly independent and accountable to no one but our clients and nothing but the truth.


Based in London, New York, and LA, and globally networked with capabilities across 20+ markets.


Working with 220+ clients across sectors and markets and over 4,500 members.

A new model

We believe successful businesses stay grounded in human behavior. Our unique approach delivers an always-on understanding of people through both our membership and consultancy solutions. We call it 'Living Insight'.
An unparalleled platformOur membership platform is used by leading brands, agencies, and businesses to stay on 
top of critical changes that will drive them forward.

  1. Instantly upgrade your understanding

  2. Learn from the sharpest minds

  3. Ground ideas in evidence

  4. Monitor changes in your audience

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"Everything they do reveals a deeper insight into consumer behavior."Strategy director, Edelman
"A truly value-adding, engaging, and amazing experience."Product marketing manager, Google
"Canvas8 is my favorite tool."Consumer insight strategist, Twitter
"I'm addicted!"Senior manager, consumer and market insights, Mars
"In a word, Canvas8 are exceptional."Head of research and intelligence, DIT UK Government

Solving human problems

For clients looking for custom and tailored support, our consulting team blends progressive approaches to research, insight, and strategy. As each challenge is different, our approaches are designed around each client. Ask about our work in...

  1. Audience discovery

    Deeply understanding the people you are designing for.

  2. Culture & trends

    Making visible the forces changing people's behavior now and in the future.

  3. Brand & campaigns

    Identifying new spaces of relevance to develop better campaigns and brand equity.

  4. Innovation & NPD

    Aligning product and service development ambitions with unmet human needs.

  5. Market expansion

    Exploring new spaces, markets, and categories to drive commercial growth.

  6. Thought leadership

    Developing the authority to influence important narratives in culture.
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