Jan 29, 2020
How are teens using TikTok for good?

TikTok may be best known for its viral challenges and surreal skits, but the social media app is evolving into much more than a platform for comedy. How are Gen Zers using this digital channel to educate and inspire their peers? And how are their online communities impacting their offline lives?

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As bushfires ravaged parts of Australia in December 2019, the nation’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, chose to go on a family holiday to Hawaii. While he relaxed on beaches and posed for pictures with tourists, Aussie Gen Zers flooded TikTok with parody videos slamming his decision. From imagining his attempt to avoid a fire-themed radio playlist to mocking the way he’d have to creep back into the country, the videos exemplify the new direction young users are taking the platform. [1]