Why are Britons going wild about gardening?
22 Mar 2022
Why are Britons going wild about gardening?

Britons are reaching for the soil to ground themselves and find calm among the chaos. With the health of the planet and the natural environment becoming a pressing concern, how can brands speak to people who are seeking to restore their connection with nature more than ever before?

Conor Gallagher

Conor Gallagher is the founder and CEO of AllotMe, a digital platform connecting would-be veg growers with unused garden space in cities.

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is a horticultural consultant and host of the award-winning gardening podcast Roots and All. Known for its coverage of environmental issues and innovative gardening products and techniques, the podcast is popular with professionals and amateurs alike and consistently ranks in the top of the podcast charts.

Joss Ford

Joss Ford is the founder of Enviral, a purpose-driven brand marketing agency that works with brands to create and communicate their environmental and social purpose. Joss helps companies operate more sustainably and transparently communicate their environmental messages through impactful campaigns.

Ally Elphick

Ally Elphick is a Bristol-based Copywriter and Brand Strategy Consultant, who supports brands seeking to forge a more sustainable future for people and planet, together. When she's not reporting on emerging trends or exploring how her clients can better communicate their purpose, she's tending to her veg plot or making a dash to the coast for weekends spent surfing from the comfort of her campervan.