15 Feb 2021
Can digital rewilding connect people with nature?

As COVID-19 shut down inessential retail and entertainment venues across the UK, many people channelled their leisure time towards nature – and in varied ways. With lockdowns and social distancing set to persist into 2021, how can brands help facilitate connections with the natural world?

Eszter Toth is a psychology PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham. Her focus is on the effect of natural and urban environments on human cognition and wellbeing.

Helen Baczkowska is a writer and ecologist living in rural Norfolk. Her writing is largely non-fiction and explores the landscape, history, people, and wildlife around her home, as well as memories of her 30 years as an environmental campaigner. She is a conservation officer for Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

Camilla Brown is a London-based writer and editor, with essays on arts and culture published online and in print by organisations and journals. Her background is diverse, ranging from working with artists and tech startups, to collaborating with anarchist bookshops and community festivals.