How are Americans coping with COVID-19 at home?
22 Apr 2020
How are Americans coping with COVID-19 at home?

Bored, anxious, and unable to leave home, Americans living under COVID-19 lockdown orders are eager for ways to pass the time. But what are the underlying behavioral drivers behind their surging interest in baking and cleaning? And how can brands support people adapting to 24/7 domestic life?

Natasha Tiwari

Natasha Tiwari is a psychologist with expertise in mental wellness and decision-making. She advises companies including JP Morgan, L’Oréal, and Google on consumer behavior.

Benjamin D. Rosenberg

Benjamin D. Rosenberg is an assistant professor of psychology at Dominican University of California, where he specialises in social psychology, health behaviour, motivation, and social science research methods. Dr Rosenberg has published numerous peer-reviewed papers in high-impact journals such as Motivation Science, Social and Personality Psychology Compass, and Social Science & Medicine. His work applying social psychology to real-world issues has appeared in several popular press outlets, including Psychology Today and the San Francisco Chronicle. In addition, he has been interviewed as an expert for pieces on ABC7 News, Parade magazine, and Medium, among others.

Karthik Bettadapura

Karthik Bettadapura is the CEO and co-founder of DataWeave, an intelligence and data platform for e-commerce brands.

Sarah Drumm

Sarah Drumm is a freelance journalist covering small businesses, start-ups, and new consumer brands. She is a contributor to Canvas8 and published a report on the popularity of direct-to-consumer brand communities for Thingtesting.