18 Feb 2019
What are the benefits of digital decluttering?

Between the build-up of ‘digital clutter’ and constant distraction of apps, smartphones, and tablets, tech advancements have enveloped us in a binary fog at almost all times. How can minimalism and more mindful usage help preserve mental wellbeing and boost productivity?

Nick Wignall is a licensed psychologist at the Cognitive Behavioral Institute of Albuquerque. He blogs about the intersection of self-help and psychology, aiming to offer practical solutions to real problems, and is the author ofFind Your Therapy: A Practical Guide to Finding Quality Therapy.

Nick Neave is an associate professor within the Department of Psychology at Northumbria University. He is faculty director of ethics and chair of the faculty research ethics committee, as well as heading up the hoarding research group and the digital hoarding clinic, which helps companies reduce their digital footprint.

Fay Wolf runs decluttering company New Order and is the author of a book by the same title – a how-to decluttering guide aimed at creatives (and everyone else). She is also an actor and musician, whose songs have been featured on numerous notable programmes.

Mansoor Iqbal is a writer with a background in consumer and education journalism. He is fascinated by the way brands convey their personalities and the relationships we have with them. When not writing, he can be found doodling, baking or playing the bass guitar (badly).