How are Chinese Gen Yers buying watches?
12 Aug 2019
How are Chinese Gen Yers buying watches?

Long used as a subtle (or sometimes overt) marker of one’s wealth, high-end watches remain popular status symbols among China’s young and newly wealthy. How are luxury brands appealing to a new generation of luxury buyers? And what exactly do they appreciate in a timepiece?

Nick Withycombe

Nick Withycombe is the director of content development at The Luxury Conversation, an international thought leadership platform and luxury intelligence agency. He specialises in Asia’s affluent consumers and has worked with Sotheby’s, Estée Lauder, and Swarovski.

Claire Adler

Claire Adler is the founder of the Luxury Public Relations And Writing Consultancy. Formerly a journalist specialising in the luxury sector, her award-winning business serves clients spanning jewellery, watches, diamonds, interiors, art, and fashion across America and Europe.

Ian Hsieh

Ian Hsieh is a Cornwall-based journalist specialising in music, technology and visual arts. He writes words for global brands and publications, including Audi, Kodak, Highsnobiety and Bandcamp.