How women are driving China’s luxury market
28 May 2019
How women are driving China’s luxury market

Traditionally worn by the men of the household, more and more women in China are snapping up suits to fill their wardrobes. What does this shift in fashion preferences reveal of their position in society, and how can luxury houses and e-commerce sites cater to their increasingly lavish tastes?

Dr. Jinna Tay

Dr. Jinna Tay is a senior lecturer at the National University of Singapore. Her research interests include Asian television histories, fashion journalism, and female identities.

Candice Ng

Candice Ng is a marketing manager at a leading Asian e-commerce platform.

Marissa Chen

Marissa Chen is a writer and photographer based between the UK and Singapore. Her work has appeared in Huck, Japan Times and Critical Mass, and she is also a member of the Native Agency.