What does ‘tradition’ mean to Chinese Gen Zers?
23 Jan 2019
What does ‘tradition’ mean to Chinese Gen Zers?

The lives of Chinese Gen Zers – digital natives who grew up amid prosperity – are vastly different from their parents’. Yet while they’re feeling empowered and connected to the world, they’ve not shunned tradition entirely. How are apps, games, and fashion labels reminding youth of their heritage?

Lily Han

Lily Han is a lecturer in social policy at China’s Technical Normal University. She researches trends in teenage psychology and is a mother of Gen Zer.

Chris Jin

Chris Jin is a producer at BiliBili, an app that caters to the wants of video-savvy teen consumers. He focuses on content development and is preparing to launch a Chinese New Year campaign that uses tradition to grab a target demographic of 12- to 28-year-olds.

Carolynn Chen

Carolynn Chen counsels teenagers through her work as a Chinese assistant teacher at a high school in Henan, Zhengzhou.

Heather Dickson

Heather Dickson is a video journalist based in Beijing. She seeks out the people and cases that are less accessible – sex trade workers, refugees, hip-hop dancing grannies, orphans – and puts the truth of their stories into words and visuals.