‘Wang Hongs’: Chinese Gen Z’s New Leaders of Consumption
18 Nov 2018
‘Wang Hongs’: Chinese Gen Z’s New Leaders of Consumption

Known as ‘Wang Hongs’, highly relatable internet stars in China now surpass bloggers when it comes to doing business with major brands. But the superficial nature of the lifestyles presented on social media can have a negative impact on the mental health of these influencers and their audiences.

Nick Withycombe

Nick Withycombe is the director of content development at The Luxury Conversation, an international thought leadership platform and luxury intelligence agency. He specialises in Asia’s affluent consumers and has worked with Sotheby’s, Estée Lauder, and Swarovski.

Ophelia Wu

Ophelia Wu is the London correspondent for Elle Hong Kong, specialising in fashion trends, celebrity style guides, jewellery, and curating fashion travel content. Splitting time between Hong Kong, Copenhagen and London, she is a seasoned editor, stylist, and consultant with ten years of experience in the industry.