How does color influence people's shopping decisions
18 Jun 2019
How does color influence people's shopping decisions

People are wearing and buying color like never before. Where once black was the chicest of all shades, now every color of the rainbow is fair game. How are brands playing with hues to offer shoppers a consistent cross-channel experience that reflects a coherent identity?

Jane Boddy

Jane Boddy is a global trend forecaster who specialises in colour. Starting her career over 20 years ago, originally in fashion, she now works with businesses across global markets and industries, including interiors, automotive, product design, as well as hair and beauty, to predict the colours consumers will be buying in the future. As well as being a key member of the Pantone Color Institute, Boddy contributes on a regular basis to colour-focused articles for publications such as Highsnobiety, and has had her career story featured by The Business of Fashion. Her approach is influenced by a deep understanding of global culture and economic shifts, as well as a historical knowledge of design, culture, and colour.

Dr. Alexandra Loske

Dr. Alexandra Loske is an art historian, curator, and editor with a particular interest in late 18th and early 19th-century European art and architecture, working at the University of Sussex. She is the author of 'Color – A Visual History', published in 2019.

Stevie Mackenzie-Smith

Stevie MacKenzie-Smith is a writer covering culture, trends, and fashion, and co-hosts Layers, a podcast about how we dress. She has written for Kinfolk, Dazed, AnOther, Vice, and Port Magazine, as well as writing branded copy for Givenchy, Unilever, and Net-A-Porter. Prior to going freelance, she was a copywriter at R/GA London.