How are ‘crunchy moms’ finding alternative wellness?
16 Jun 2022
How are ‘crunchy moms’ finding alternative wellness?

The pandemic accentuated worries for many American moms and left them feeling weighed down. To combat this, some have carved out time for new wellness practices – seeking therapy, focusing on the ‘crunchy mom’ lifestyle, microdosing psychedelics, and finding online communities for support.

Perri Shaw Borish

Perri Shaw Borish is a psychotherapist and the founder of Whole Heart Maternal Mental Health. Perri is a Board Certified, Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 20 years of experience working with a range of issues across the reproductive journey, including pregnancy loss and grief (neonatal death), perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (eg. postpartum depression and anxiety, postpartum OCD), birth trauma, fertility challenges, maternal rage, abortion, and adoption.

Vesna Antwan

Vesna Antwan is a certified coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator. In her transformational coaching practice, she works with mothers to turn dreams into reality through approaches of mindfulness, self-love, and compassion.

Anna Sakawsky

Anna Sakawsky is the creator of the blog The House & Homestead, as well as the editor and publisher of Modern Homesteading Magazine, a digital magazine dedicated to all things homesteading, sustainability, self-sufficiency, and simple, seasonal living. Anna is a former city girl turned modern homesteader who lives with her family (husband, kids, cats, rabbits and chickens) on a quarter-acre property on Vancouver Island. They produce and preserve hundreds of pounds of their own food each year and strive to live a more self-reliant lifestyle through all that they do.

Meleah Moore

Meleah Moore is a Brooklyn-based writer, photographer, and communications consultant for social enterprises. She holds a degree in sustainable development from the University of St Andrews.