13 Apr 2022
How can brands best tackle the gender pay gap?

With parental responsibilities affecting women’s career paths, many face obstacles when returning to work and finding their feet in the workplace. How can companies support and facilitate women in their desire to grow and thrive within the workforce and continue to close the gender pay gap?

Sophie Smallwood is the co-founder and co-CEO of Roleshare, which matches professionals looking for part-time work together for full-time roles, and helps businesses find untapped talent for their roles and reduce turnover.

Melissa Bell is a certified exercise nutritionist and life coach at Sivako Consulting, specialising in menopause support for women and companies.

Zandra Otubamowo is a technical program manager at Meta.

Deirdre Golden is a diversity specialist at consultancy Frost Included.

Heather Ritchie is SVP of product and corporate strategy at menopause technology brand Embr Labs.

MaryLou Costa is a business writer covering the future of work, in particular changes that advance women's careers and gender equality in the workplace. Her work has been featured in The Times, The Daily Mail, Evening Standard, The Guardian, The Observer, Insider, Sifted, Stylist, WorkLife, Secure Futures, Reasons to be Cheerful, Catalyst, Marketing Week, UNLEASH, and others. She was shortlisted for Best New Freelancer at the IPSE 2021 Freelancer Awards. She is an experienced panel moderator and has appeared on Times Radio, the BBC, and Sky News as an expert commentator. She publishes a newsletter, ‘Your Best Work Life’, on advancing women in the workplace.