Aug 11, 2020
How lockdown sparked a shift in minimalist values

Being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to reevaluate their lives, leading some to embrace a simpler way of living by starting a vegetable garden or figuring out an effective work-life balance. Will this change in habits spark a minimalist resurgence in the long term?

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Amid the global upheaval caused by COVID-19, minimalist ideals, which prioritize living intentionally over material accumulation, are gaining fresh support as people under lockdown pursue happiness in ways that don’t require excessive consumption. Highlighting this change, research conducted by McKinsey & Company between mid-March and early April 2020 found that Americans planned to spend 50% less than usual on apparel and consumer electronics over the following two weeks. [1] While this reduced intent to splash out was undoubtedly related to job uncertainty – by July, there were 16.3 million unemployed adults across the US – Americans have increased their spending on groceries and entertainment as they pass time at home. [2][3]