Can possessions bring comfort in a crisis?
15 Apr 2020
Can possessions bring comfort in a crisis?

In an always-on consumer culture, people are used to buying what they want whenever they want. But can possessions comfort and fulfill us during uncertain times? Canvas8 spoke to Bruce Hood, author of Possessed, to understand the psychology behind owning new things.

Bruce Hood

Dr. Bruce Hood is a professor of developmental psychology at the University of Bristol. His research interests range from the origins of supernatural beliefs to the illusion of self. He's the author of several books on a variety of psychological phenomena, including bestseller The Self Illusion and his most recent Possessed: Why we want more than we need. He presented the 2011 Royal Institution Christmas lectures "Meet Your Brain" on the BBC and starred alongside academy award winner Jeff Bridges in his Living in the Future's Past eco-documentary film. Currently, he teaches the highly successful 'Science of Happiness' course, which has been proven to increase mental well-being.

Lottie Hanwell

Lottie Hanwell is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. She has a degree in English Literature and Spanish, and spends a lot of time thinking, researching and writing about developments in society and culture. On her weekends, she likes to run, read and make a mess in the kitchen.