Jul 9, 2020
How has lockdown shaped the future of workwear?

As COVID-19 has forced people to spend more time at home, one of the parts of daily life impacted has been office style. How might Zoom meetings and remote working reshape workwear in the long term? And what role can fashion play in creating a sense of normality post-lockdown?

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Renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld – who once infamously said: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat” – would likely be wringing his hands in despair at everyday fashion choices in 2020 as people around the world have settled into lockdown life. [1] Yet while the rise of leisurewear during the coronavirus crisis may be seen as defeatism by some, it also speaks to the merging of people’s professional and personal lives. “Different ways of working, different ways of doing meetings... will naturally affect the way we dress, so some form of ‘in-between wear’ will have to emerge,” says Konrad Olsson, the editor-in-chief of Scandinavian Man. [2]