How are people connecting with luxe brands at home?
1 May 2020
How are people connecting with luxe brands at home?

The widespread disruption caused by COVID-19 has forced brands in the luxury sector to rapidly rethink how they connect with customers. With high-end shoppers unable to peruse stores and attend exclusive events, how are labels adapting to stay relevant and ensure long-term loyalty?

Shanu Walpita

Shanu Walpita is a trend director, creative strategist, and lecturer with ten-plus years of experience connecting the dots between culture, product, and youth consumer behaviour. She's worked with some of the biggest brands, agencies, and retailers in the world, focusing on innovation, storytelling and community-building.

Disha Daswaney

Disha Daswaney is a global fashion and luxury expert, freelance trend forecaster, and lecturer. After having worked in publishing and trends in Europe and Asia for 11 years, she launched creative agency Konkrete to help develop business strategies.

Piers Schmidt

Piers Schmidt is the founder of Luxury Branding, a luxury brand consultant, and an experience economy expert. He's also the branding blogger for and a frequent commentator in major global media, has spoken at conferences across the world, and is a visiting lecturer for the MBA programme at EHL, a leading hospitality management school based in Lausanne. He's also a member of the Global Group Advisory Board for the Red Sea Development Company.

Lucy Hirom

Lucy Hirom is an independent consultant with 15 years of experience in retail omnichannel marketing, e-commerce growth, and management consulting. With experience running digital marketing and content in-house for Ralph Lauren, Selfridges, Victoria’s Secret, and Liberty, she has made a name for herself as a strategic growth driver.

Virginia Orr

Virginia Orr has spent over 35 years working in the luxury apparel and accessories sector. As commercial director at Browns, she worked alongside Joan Burstein, who discovered brands such as Comme de Garçon, Jill Sander, Donna Karen, John Galliano, and Alexander McQueen.

Lara Piras

Lara Piras is a copywriter, researcher, and brand strategist. Considered a youth culture expert, her vast industry knowledge comes from working with some of the industry’s best, including MTV, WGSN, Vogue UK, and Vogue US.