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  • Could the coronavirus deal a blow to mass consumption habits?
  • Could the coronavirus deal a blow to mass consumption habits?
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How lockdown sparked a shift in minimalist values

Being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to reevaluate their lives, leading some to embrace a simpler way of living by starting a vegetable garden or figuring out an effective work-life balance. Will this change in habits spark a minimalist resurgence in the long term?

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Amid the global upheaval caused by COVID-19, minimalist ideals, which prioritize living intentionally over material accumulation, are gaining fresh support as people under lockdown pursue happiness in ways that don’t require excessive consumption. Highlighting this change, research conducted by McKinsey & Company between mid-March and early April 2020 found that Americans planned to spend 50% less than usual on apparel and consumer electronics over the following two weeks. [1] While this reduced intent to splash out was undoubtedly related to job uncertainty – by July, there were 16.3 million unemployed adults across the US – Americans have ...



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    Cottagecore: quaint, kitsch-loving Gen Zers

    Having emerged from Tumblr and established a presence on TikTok, the cottagecore subculture has seen young Americans go online to post pastoral aesthetics and participate in activities that are more common in rural areas. But what exactly is driving Gen Z’s interest in quaint lifestyles?

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    Why are some people happier in lockdown?

    Many are calling lockdown a social nightmare, while others are thriving and can’t imagine going back to ‘normal’. Canvas8 spoke to Jenn Granneman, author of The Secret Lives of Introverts, to understand why certain people love being at home and what brands can do to better cater to them.

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    Can possessions bring comfort in a crisis?

    In an always-on consumer culture, people are used to buying what they want whenever they want. But can possessions comfort and fulfill us during uncertain times? Canvas8 spoke to Bruce Hood, author of Possessed, to understand the psychology behind owning new things.

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    Have we reached peak minimalism?

    The simple, uncluttered aesthetic of minimalism has become the de rigueur for interiors around the world, with brands such as IKEA appealing to consumers who want functional, simple and stylish pieces. So how did minimalism rise to such predominance and have people finally had enough of it?