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  • How is the pandemic reshaping jewellery buying habits?
  • How is the pandemic reshaping jewellery buying habits?
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How will jewellers dazzle HNWIs post-COVID-19?

As fears of a recession cause purse-strings to tighten, luxury brands are searching for new ways to reach audiences. Having long relied on the in-person experience, how are fine jewellery firms tackling this challenge? And what will HNWIs prioritise when buying high-end accessories post-pandemic?

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COVID-19 has had a curious impact on the luxury sector. Lockdown measures have severely limited production and shuttered brick-and-mortar stores, with consulting firm BCG predicting that sales could fall short of forecasted estimates for 2020 by up to $120 billion. Meanwhile, economic and career uncertainty is forcing everyone to reconsider their spending. Research conducted in March by consumer insights platform Suzy found that 54% of people in the US said they would not be making any big-ticket purchases (such as homes and luxe goods) over the following three months due to the pandemic. [1] Yet against a ...



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    Why is meaning the new consumer sensibility?

    From panic-buying to extreme saving, paths to purchase have morphed as we progress through the pandemic. But what are people willing to spend on? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Ravi Dhar and Joe Pine to understand how brands can maintain and grow their following during and after COVID-19.

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    Can possessions bring comfort in a crisis?

    In an always-on consumer culture, people are used to buying what they want whenever they want. But can possessions comfort and fulfill us during uncertain times? Canvas8 spoke to Bruce Hood, author of Possessed, to understand the psychology behind owning new things.

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    Can second-hand fashion still feel luxurious?

    Second-hand fashion has dusted off any remaining mothballs, with online platforms, charity shops, and auction houses catering to frugal fashionistas. While the industry is often called out for fast-fashion waste, how can brands encourage timelessness? And can thrifted threads be luxury items?

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    Pietra: connecting jewelry fans with online artisans

    Fears about buying haute couture over the web may have ebbed away, but many luxury shoppers are still hesitant about getting high-end jewelry this way. Pietra is hoping to change that with a model built on transparency and collaboration, allowing people to buy high-end pieces with peace of mind.