Nov 7, 2019
Can second-hand fashion still feel luxurious?

Second-hand fashion has dusted off any remaining mothballs, with online platforms, charity shops, and auction houses catering to frugal fashionistas. While the industry is often called out for fast-fashion waste, how can brands encourage timelessness? And can thrifted threads be luxury items?

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The landscape of luxury is being reimagined, making space for second-hand sellers and circular approaches. While some people opt to buy second-hand goods due to a love of bargain-hunting, other incentives are concerned with the uniqueness and timelessness of luxury goods. In fact, more than one-quarter (26%) of ‘true luxury’ shoppers buy second-hand products. [1] And as people continue to invest in eco-fashion – Britons spent £83 billion on ethical goods in 2017, with the market for second-hand clothing increasing by 22.5% each year – opportunities for pre-loved fashion are growing. [2]