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  • Can an app help Millennials invest for the future?
  • Can an app help Millennials invest for the future?
    Michelle Lee, Creative Commons (2012) ©

Acorns: stocks and shares on your smartphone

Over a third of 18-year-olds don’t understand what stocks and shares are – and of those that do, 30% are put off by hidden costs. The Acorns app lets you invest your small change as you buy a coffee or a cardigan – but can it get young adults interested in the stock market?

Location United States

The company touted as the next big thing in the tech industry has announced that it’s going to be floated on the stock market with an IPO (initial public offering) – and you want to invest. But do you actually know how to do that? Studies show that over a third of 18-year-olds don’t understand what stocks and shares are, and another 30% would be deterred from taking them out due to the risk of high and hidden costs. [1] Investments and stock trading have long been somewhat of an exclusive club – minimum account balances ...



  • Article image Rong360: a banking service China can trust

    2014 has seen China's distrust of corporations, banks and the government grow more than ever before. By positioning itself as a cheaper and more trustworthy alternative to intermediary agents, can finance service Rong360 attract customers that don't understand online banking?

  • Article image Bluebird: do the unbanked want an AmEx?

    American Express is synonymous with privilege and luxury – so its latest venture may seem surprising. Its Bluebird Bank helps Americans let down by traditional banking, who may not even have a bank account. What's driving the makers of the Black Card to bank the unbanked?

  • Article image iGaranti: for Millennials who can't manage their money

    In Turkey, popular bank Garanti is causing a stir with its revolutionary banking-on-the-go app iGaranti. As more services go mobile, the future of seamless, social money management seems likely to come in the form of smartphone integration and a consumer driven-approach.

  • Article image Barclays Digital Eagles: getting grandma online

    Around 5.1 million Brits aged over 65 have never been online. Catering to these untapped customers, Barclays has created over 3,500 'Digital Eagles' - specially-trained staff to help them get online and up to speed. But do people want a bank teaching them about the internet?

  • Article image T-Mobile: a bank in your pocket

    T-Mobile is launching into banking with a pre-paid debit card and banking app. But if people aren't willing to trust banks with their cash, why should they trust a telecoms provider?

  • Article image Virtual Piggy: the true value of pocket money

    Digitisation has exposed kids to far more purchase opportunities and products. Online family wallet Virtual Piggy places money responsibility in kids' hands, while parents maintain control.

  • Article image Why BNP Paribas is banking on mobile

    Hello bank! is the world's first stand-alone digital mobile bank that's accessible any time, any place – and, crucially, maintains a clear focus on customer experience.

  • Article image Banks, beers & BMW: unlocking the female opportunity

    Companies in traditionally 'masculine' categories still struggle to realise the 'female opportunity'. Jane Cunningham explains how they can broaden their appeal to both women and men.