The hidden messages in 2021 Christmas ads
14 Dec 2021
The hidden messages in 2021 Christmas ads

Behind wistful fairytales of traditional Christmasses, surprisingly serious messages of conservatism and anxiety are hiding in this year’s festive ad campaigns. Canvas8 spoke to expert semiotician Soma Ghosh to find out why this year the frivolity and magic isn’t quite so convincing.

Soma Ghosh

Soma Ghosh studied semiotics and literature at Oxford University and has been a senior analyst and director of Practical Semiotics since 2006.

Annie Corser

Annie Corser is the Senior Insights Editor at Canvas8. She's worked as a research editor in London since studying English literature and modern culture at KCL and UCL. She loves walking on the beaches of North Wales, solo trips to the cinema and getting lost in internet culture.