What’s driving our obsession with foraging?
20 Apr 2020
What’s driving our obsession with foraging?

Interest in foraging has grown as people seek to reinvigorate their connection to nature, cut down on meat consumption, and adopt eco-friendly behaviours. Once led by luxury restaurants looking for unusual, local ingredients, why are people signing up to learn how to forage for their dinner?

John Rensten

John Rensten runs Forage London and organises urban foraging events, wild food walks, and mushroom forays in London, Dorset, and Hampshire. He is the author of The Edible City: A Year of Wild Food.

Julia Horton-Mansfield

Julia Horton-Mansfield runs Wild about Pembrokeshire and leads foraging courses and walks around the lanes, green byways, and coastline of the historic Cathedral City of St Davids.

Sophie McCandlish

Sophie McCandlish is the agricultural correspondent of The Yorkshire Post and The Yorkshire Post Country Week.

Anna Foden

Anna Foden is a Manchester-based writer. She studied Japanese, politics and sociology and writes on culture and business trends. She can often be found in a cinema watching a biopic or Star Trek.