How are gardens growing urban communities in Oz?
29 Oct 2018
How are gardens growing urban communities in Oz?

Apartment living is on the rise, as more young Australians are choosing lifestyle and location over housing affordability. The growth of shared spaces, such as community gardens, in apartment complexes is helping residents develop social relationships in traditionally isolated urban environments.

Daniel Cakmak

Daniel Cakmak is a Sydney real estate agent from McConnell Bourne. He is born-and-bred in the mid-north shore of Sydney, with many years experience working alongside his brother and business partner, Steve. Daniel spends a lot of time working within the community, eager to understand the social nature of communities and their impact on property markets.

Jan Felton

Jan Felton is the Open Space Community Projects Officer at Willoughby City Council (Sydney, Australia). She has a background in landscare and archietectural design with a strong focus on sustainability and community growth. She has been working with the various residential and commercial communities around the Willoughby area, in developing and maintaining community gardens.

Ann-Marie Cahill

Ann-Marie Cahill is a writer with a history of legal and sociology research. After spending years writing and arguing about legal technicalities, she realised there was far more to our social world to both read and experience.