Home and Relationships Sector Snapshot: Feb 2021
10 Feb 2021
Home and Relationships Sector Snapshot: Feb 2021

Why is a mass shift to WFH driving calls for new domestic boundaries? How has the pandemic intensified the pressure on parents? Why are people embracing a less-is-more approach to home life? And in what ways are digital interactions with friends and family getting more meaningful?

Lily Bernheimer

Lily Bernheimer is an environmental psychologist, consultant, and author of The Shaping of Us: How Everyday Spaces Structure Our Lives, Behavior, and Well-Being. Pioneering user experience design for the built environment, Lily has led human-centered design projects across the workspace, urban, residential, and justice sectors since 2007. As founding director of Space Works Consulting, she has worked with organisations like the Ministry of Justice, Transport for London, and Grainger plc, and writes for Psychology Today. Her research on wellbeing in prison design with matter architecture was awarded the 2018 RIBA President’s Award for research in ethics and sustainable development.