Why Gen X dads are moving past the ‘provider’ narrative
14 Dec 2020
Why Gen X dads are moving past the ‘provider’ narrative

Due to the new reality of WFH during a pandemic and a growing desire for deeper connections with their kids, Gen Xers are redefining the concept of fatherhood. But while they’re pushing for change, representations remain outdated. So, how do Gen X men relate to traditional family structures?

John Barry

Dr. John Barry is a researcher, clinical hypnotherapist, and honorary lecturer in psychology at University College London. He is co-founder of the Male Psychology Network, the BPS Male Psychology Section, and The Centre for Male Psychology. He is co-editor of the Palgrave Handbook of Male Psychology & Mental Health and co-author of the BPS textbook Perspectives in Male Psychology: An Introduction (Wiley).​ He is also the author of the textbook Psychological Aspects of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) (Palgrave Macmillan).

Michael Lewkowicz

Michael Lewkowicz is the director of communications and business manager at Families Need Fathers.

Jenny Cusack

Jenny is a Gold award-winning writer, trend forecaster and strategist specialising in brand storytelling. Her services include brand discovery, formation and strategy, content auditing, content strategy, copywriting, and top-line insights for C-suite level decision makers.

She has worked for media companies globally ideating the future of trusted journalism and story formats, such as the NY Times and FT, and in development project backed by Nike Inc, where she worked with Fuseproject to pivot business supply and value chains to benefit women and girls.

Jenny is also a published poet and journalist, with works featuring in Dazed & Confused, BBC Futures, and Flaunt magazine in LA.