How individualism is shaping South Korean youth
2 Nov 2020
How individualism is shaping South Korean youth

Grappling with a generational malaise, young people in South Korea are looking to reclaim some agency over their life choices. How are they challenging traditional mindsets around success and escaping societal pressures? And how can brands help them achieve happiness on their terms?

Yoojin Kang

Yoojin Kang is a curator at the Ulsan Museum of Art. Her seven years of cultural experience spans curatorial positions at the national galleries in Seoul and Daejeon. She was also a former consultant to the Gyeonggi National Art Gallery in 2018.

Sam Son

Sam Son is a management consultant and business strategist with over 20 years of experience. Specialising in cross-cultural exchange and partnerships, Son has worked across the board with multinational companies, diplomats, South Korean governmental agencies, educators, and students.

Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee

Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee is a behavioural analyst on the cultural intelligence team at Canvas8. With a background in cultural studies, creative direction, and photography, she’s an interdisciplinary practitioner who works between the fields of visual art, cultural research, and education. She co-runs XING, a research and curatorial platform championing artistic practices from Southeast and East Asia, together with its diasporas.