Why are beauty fans favouring glass packaging?
14 May 2020
Why are beauty fans favouring glass packaging?

Long used to store everything from booze to grains to medical specimens, glass packaging is experiencing a resurgence in the beauty sector. But why are contemporary buyers drawn to products encased in this ancient and fragile material? And how can glass packaging influence perceptions of brands?

Bernadette Jackson

Bernadette Jackson is the head of product design at Floral Street, the fragrance brand founded in 2017 by Michelle Feeney.

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones is the operations and commercial director at British Glass.

Edel Moore

Edel Moore is a lecturer in marketing and behavioural science at the University of Leeds’ School of Design. Her most recent research project, ‘Making Emotion of Senses: Decoding early neural mechanisms’, incorporates EEG techniques to understand the neural construction and response of emotion based on our senses.

Stevie Mackenzie-Smith

Stevie MacKenzie-Smith is a writer covering culture, trends, and fashion, and co-hosts Layers, a podcast about how we dress. She has written for Kinfolk, Dazed, AnOther, Vice, and Port Magazine, as well as writing branded copy for Givenchy, Unilever, and Net-A-Porter. Prior to going freelance, she was a copywriter at R/GA London.