How are young luxury shoppers buying online?
30 Apr 2019
How are young luxury shoppers buying online?

Accustomed to rapid service and easily accessible products, Gen Yers and Zers are causing the luxury industry to bend to their e-commerce expectations. What do they want out of a high-end shopping experience? And how are haute couture brands grabbing the attention of these digital natives?

Rohaizatul Azhar

Rohaizatul Azhar is an adjunct lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts, specializing in fashion, cultural anthropology, and the creative industries.

Jason Matias

Jason Matias is an award-winning fine artist and the creator of Art of Selling Art, a series of online courses on how to run your own art business.

Robert Bird

Robert Bird worked in the corporate fashion industry before starting his own business with his partner, Brittany Blanco. The two now co-own the online luxury vintage store Treasures of NYC.

Marissa Chen

Marissa Chen is a writer and photographer based between the UK and Singapore. Her work has appeared in Huck, Japan Times and Critical Mass, and she is also a member of the Native Agency.