Jan 19, 2015
Will DIY inspire a new generation?

While the past decade has seen the rise of maker culture - from crafting to hacking - DIY retailers seem to have been left out. And yet, despite a shaky housing market, the desire to improve one’s home has never been stronger. So what’s behind this mismatch, and how can brands transform into buzzing hives for a new generation of DIYers?

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People will always want to improve their homes, but as way they do it changes, a new challenge is emerging for DIY brands. Over the past decade, Britain’s biggest chains, B&Q and Homebase, have faced a drop in sales, and with significant store closures planned over the next few years, the impact is still being felt. But behind news of a shaky economy and a slowing housing market, is another problem: younger people simply have less confidence doing it themselves.

As stores shrink, and online retail grows, the challenge for brands is to alter perceptions about how achievable a dream home really is. This will mean re-imaging the role retailers and manufacturers can play, from making DIY easier and stores more inspiring, to curtailing the loss of manual skills with the editing possibilities of digital tools such as 3D Kitchen Planners and in-store apps. What are DIY brands doing to inspire the next generation - and will it work?