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  • Why are Gen Yers and Zers eschewing complex cosmetics?
  • Why are Gen Yers and Zers eschewing complex cosmetics?
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How TikTok elevated drugstore skincare

The social media era has made it easy to discover skincare products, yet while influencers and media outlets champion various high-priced and hard-to-find items, a growing number of TikTok users are turning to their local drugstore. Why are ‘skintellectuals’ snapping everyman brands?

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No longer enchanted by expensive, upmarket products with esoteric ingredients, today’s young skincare enthusiasts are seeking transparency and proven efficacy – for a reasonable price. [1] They’ve been empowered by access to information about cosmetic brands and product formulae, with various media outlets celebrating the appearances of bare-faced celebrities at events, in selfies, and in magazines. [2][3][4] And while it may sound challenging to achieve a hydrated, glowing complexion so flawless that it renders make-up arbitrary, many have discovered that it can be as easy as popping to the local drugstore, where ...



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    Black Girl Sunscreen: protecting Black skin

    Messaging around sun safety tends to focus on fairer skin tones and most formulations don’t cater to the needs of darker skin. Black Girl Sunscreen is working to promote sun protection for Black people with a white-cast-free, moisturizing product that positions suncare as self-care.

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    Are Gen Zers done with make-up?

    Compared to past generations of teens, Gen Z’s aesthetic ideals are distinctly low-key, with the pursuit of an inside-out glow meaning that cosmetics purchases tend to revolve around intelligent skincare routines. So, how does make-up fit into this minimalist approach to beauty?

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    Il Makiage: maximalist make-up with an AI twist

    While the pandemic has pushed many brands to get more comfortable with digital, Il Makiage has been ahead of the curve with its AI-driven, true-to-tone make-up options. As shopping behaviors go online, its community of micro-influencers boost the brand’s clout and buyers’ confidence.

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    How are ‘skintellectuals’ hacking beauty routines?

    As people eschew harsh ingredients in their skincare routine and learn more about what’s best for their skin, they’re embracing a new title: the skintellectual. With Americans filling their medicine cabinets with science-backed lotions and potions, how is the face of skincare changing?