How are ‘skintellectuals’ hacking beauty routines?
3 Oct 2019
How are ‘skintellectuals’ hacking beauty routines?

As people eschew harsh ingredients in their skincare routine and learn more about what’s best for their skin, they’re embracing a new title: the skintellectual. With Americans filling their medicine cabinets with science-backed lotions and potions, how is the face of skincare changing?

Chel Cortes

Chel Cortes is the owner of the small-batch, K-beauty-inspired skincare line Holy Snails.

Jette Virdi

Jette Virdi is a photographer, stylist, and founder of ilo, an organic and eco-friendly range of sanitary products.

Marissa Chen

Marissa Chen is a writer and photographer based between the UK and Singapore. Her work has appeared in Huck, Japan Times and Critical Mass, and she is also a member of the Native Agency.