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  • What do Gens Y and Z expect from luxe labels?
  • What do Gens Y and Z expect from luxe labels?
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Can cultural clout keep luxury shoppers loyal?

For luxury fashion brands that have long relied on their prestige and exclusivity to court new customers, change is afoot. As they face up to a pandemic-induced recession and young shoppers who are digitally-savvy and socially conscious, how are they adapting to earn and maintain loyalty?

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Amid the global economic uncertainty sparked by the COVID-19 crisis, luxury brands are feeling the heat. With research from March 2020 finding that 75% of shoppers in the US and Europe expected their spending would be impacted for more than two months, the sector is facing lean times as people cut back on discretionary purchases. [1] At the same time, fashion labels are having to fight harder to grab the attention of notoriously brand-fluid Gen Yers and Zers, who represent a combined $350 billion worth of spending power in the US. [2]

Luxury brands have ...



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