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  • How is self-isolation strengthening social and familial bonds?
  • How is self-isolation strengthening social and familial bonds?
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How has lockdown affected people’s relationships?

The lockdown measures introduced to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have kept people confined with certain loved ones for months while preventing them from seeing others. Canvas8 spoke to 17 Britons and Americans to find out how this period of self-isolation has impacted their relationships.

Location North America / Northern Europe

COVID-19 has caused millions of people to spend extended periods of time at home with their loved ones. This has taken its toll on some households due to the stressful nature of juggling work, childcare, and personal relationships under lockdown, with reports from China suggesting that divorce rates surged as restrictions were lifted. [1] Lawyers in the UK are predicting a similar rise as enforced confinement will likely have added pressure to pre-existing cracks in relationships. [2]

Yet while the pandemic may be the straw that breaks the back for already struggling couples, ...



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