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  • How can old media titans keep up with new reader expectations?
  • How can old media titans keep up with new reader expectations?
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Vogue: a revamped icon for diverse and digital readers

Print media may be in decline, but the sales of British Vogue are rising under the stewardship of Edward Enninful. By investing in digital integration and committing to diverse representation, the iconic magazine has successfully adapted to the reading habits and values of contemporary audiences.

Location United Kingdom

Under the 25-year tenure of editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman, British Vogue only featured two black models on its cover. [1] The magazine’s poor diversity was further highlighted in 2017, when Shulman was criticised for a picture of her surrounded by 54 members of her staff, all of whom were white. [2] But that same year, a seismic shift took place as Edward Enninful, a gay black man, was announced as Shulman’s replacement. His appointment promised a new era for Vogue,a magazine that had been run by white women since its launch in 1916.





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