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  • K-pop stars are leading Chinese women to aspire to Korean beauty ideals
  • K-pop stars are leading Chinese women to aspire to Korean beauty ideals
    Girls’ Generation (2014) ©

Why is China obsessed with K-pop?

Korean entertainment and culture are seeing a strong revival in China. And it’s not only strengthening Korea’s economic influence and solidifying its position as Asia’s arbiter of culture, but transforming Chinese identity and consumer behaviour across the spectrum.

Location China / Japan / Republic of Korea

In early March 2014, China’s major political leaders met at the annual parliamentary meeting to discuss the year’s Communist Party initiatives. The main topic of conversation at the government advisory committee meeting? A Korean television drama about an alien.

My Love From Another Star sparked a national frenzy in China with its story of a handsome extra-terrestrial who dropped down to Korea 400 years ago and fell in love with his first love’s modern-day lookalike. The show was broadcast on China’s online video sites like LeTV, Youku and iQiyi, where ...



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