A Cultural Snapshot of China: 2024
4 Apr 2024
A Cultural Snapshot of China: 2024

Why are China’s youth giving up their hard-earned credentials to become ‘full-time children?’ How did rest become an act of rebellion? How has the pandemic affected shopping habits in China? This Cultural Snapshot uses local stats to explore the behavioural norms shared by people in China in 2024.

Dr. Maggie Ying Jiang

Dr. Maggie Ying Jiang is a tenured associate professor in media and communication at the School of Social Sciences at The University of Western Australia. As an academic, Dr. Jiang's research interests and publications mainly include cross-cultural communication, social media, and public relations. In addition to her academic work, she conducts strategic communication training for a wide range of organisations, including S. Kidman & Co., AFL, and the American Chamber of Commerce. Her book, Consumer Nationalism in China: Examining its Critical Impact on Multinational Businesses, is forthcoming from Anthem Press and set for release in April 2024.

Gwyneth King

Gwyneth King is a multimedia storyteller based in Metro Manila, Philippines, with a BA in Communication Arts from De La Salle University. She is a curious human who translates her perspectives on the lived experience into writing, often intertwining her sentimentality and tenderness between the lines.