How Aussies got priced out of a booming property market
14 Feb 2023
How Aussies got priced out of a booming property market

With Australian house prices growing exponentially over the past decade, the dream of homeownership is all but a fantasy to young Aussies. Having been priced out of the market, young people are reimagining a future where community and experience are worth more than bricks and mortar.

Dr. Michael Fotheringham

Dr. Michael Fotheringham is a research and policy development specialist with extensive experience in housing and urban policy. MD of AHURI since 2014, he’s also a non-executive director of Homelessness Australia and serves on the Australian government’s Cities Reference Group, the Housing Supply Expert Panel, and the Homes for Homes Housing Advisory Group.

Professor Rebecca Bentley

Professor Rebecca Bentley is the director of the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Healthy Housing. She leads a research programme exploring the role of housing and residential location in influencing health. This research has a particular focus on housing affordability, housing conditions, and tenure.

Rosamund Brennan

Rosamund Brennan is a writer and editor based in Fremantle, Western Australia. She specialises in culture and social justice, and has been published in The Guardian, Deutsche Welle and The Australian, among others.