What’s behind the rise of ‘laissez-faire’ food content?
10 Nov 2022
What’s behind the rise of ‘laissez-faire’ food content?

Gen Zers are on a quest to capture life’s messy moments online. Favoring a ‘laissez-faire’ outlook from food to fashion, they want to see candid and chaotic content that eschews the entrenched culture of curation. But what’s behind this behavioral shift and how can brands show they understand it?

Erifili Gounari

Erifili Gounari is the founder and CEO of The Z Link, a global Gen Z-led social media agency that helps brands reach Gen Zers. The Z Link has worked with brands such as Hearst, the United Nations, Deloitte, Everlane, and more, as well as running the Gen Z Club – an online community with over 18,000 members. She is an expert in helping brands reach Gen Z and produces a newsletter called The Digital Native, where The Z Link analyses micro-trends and internet culture. Erifili is also the head of social media at the Silicon Valley-based company SafetyWing.

Mark Beal

Mark Beal is a professor of public relations at Rutgers University and the author of ‘Decoding Gen Z: 101 Lessons Generation Z Will Teach Corporate America, Marketers & Media’.

Casey Lewis

Casey Lewis is a writer and editor based in New York. She's the creator of After School, a daily Substack newsletter about youth culture, and previously founded a media agency focused on Gen Z. She has worked for New York Magazine, Teen Vogue, and MTV, and consults on youth culture for brands including Vice, Self, and Refinery29. She also considers herself to be an ‘unofficial’ teen magazine historian, documenting her findings on the Instagram account Thank You Atoosa.

Josephine Platt

Josephine Platt is a writer, editor, and researcher, with a background in lifestyle and travel journalism. She covers international travel and culture and has written across arts, fashion, wellness, and self for a range of titles. Pursuing her interest in cultural, social, and psychological phenomena, Platt is studying social and cultural anthropology as a postgraduate student, with research interests around Western engagement with indigenous spiritual practices.