Who are TikTok’s ‘beverage girlies’?
25 Oct 2022
Who are TikTok’s ‘beverage girlies’?

‘Beverage girlies’ are sharing videos of themselves drinking a variety of beverages at the same time as performative coping, signifying the ways in which people are dealing with remote work and hustle culture. What does this say about our attitudes toward an increasingly unstable global environment?

Mackenzie Filson

Mackenzie Filson is a freelance food and beverage writer with bylines in Kitchn, PUNCH, Delish, EatingWell, and Dirty Spoon, among others. She also pairs books with wine in her newsletter, Book Sommelier. A graduate of both Emerson College’s Writing and Publishing programme as well as Columbia University’s publishing course, Mackenzie has previously worked in publicity at Penguin Random House for (almost exclusively) mass-market sci-fi bodice-rippers.

Arthur Gallego

Arthur Gallego is an award-winning expert in food and beverage marketing as well as the consumer psychology behind trends. From 2020 to 2022 he incubated an alcoholic beverage start-up for venture capital as a CEO, having often served in the past as a start-up CMO for different brands.

Gallego’s expertise also covers cosmetics, fragrances, hospitality, real estate marketing, and media, but his consultancy’s focus is on consumer packaged goods. Gallego is a sought-after expert on trends and regularly shares his perspectives with the media, analysts, and researchers. His insights have appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, and on CBS News and MSNBC.

Josh Greenblatt

Josh Greenblatt is a writer and brand strategist based in Toronto. He is the former editor-in-chief of SHARP, a Canadian men’s magazine, and has bylines in Vogue, GQ, Dazed, Gawker, and more. He received his master’s degree in management of innovation from Goldsmiths, University of London, specializing in behavioural economics and marketing. Josh’s coursework involved real briefs from Flamingo and the UK government, and his thesis focused on the cultural resonance of the slow fashion movement among Gen Yers. After graduate school he worked in brand strategy and innovation agencies in London.