28 Jul 2022
Have Gen Zers killed the personal brand?

The dominance of pseudonymous platforms – from Discord to TikTok, Twitch to Reddit – has freed up how Gen Zers express themselves online, moving away from personalisation and towards a sense of plurality. What can brands do to brush up on their ‘identity fluency’ for this ever-evolving generation?

Casey Lewis is an NYC-based editor, brand consultant and expert on youth culture and Gen Z trends. She’s worked at Teen Vogue, MTV, and New York Magazine, and now runs the substack After School on Gen Z behaviours and trends.

Biz Sherbert is a writer and editor with a focus on fashion and the internet. She works at The Digital Fairy creative content agency and also writes for Document Journal and other publications.

Over eight combined years as an editor at VICE, Refinery29 and Dazed, Amelia Abraham commissioned stories, managed teams, shaped branded campaigns and grew audiences. Abraham now works mainly as a freelance copywriter and brand consultant. Recent clients include Nike, Hinge, Royal Mail, Dr Martens, Lyst, and Matches Fashion. Having published two books on queer culture, Queer Intentions (Picador, 2019) and We Can Do Better Than This (Vintage, 2021), Abraham has talked about LGBTQ+ culture everywhere from Sky News to BBC Radio 4 to the Southbank Centre, and regularly delivers LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion talks for brands.