Why is privacy a compelling USP for tech brands?
10 May 2021
Why is privacy a compelling USP for tech brands?

The arrival of GDPR in 2018 should have helped Britons feel more sure of their digital privacy, but the complexity of the law, coupled with the shocks of Brexit and COVID-19, means that many remain confused about how their online info is managed. How can brands help put people’s minds at ease?

Dr. Sascha Engel

Dr. Sascha Engel is an adviser on corporate GDPR and DPA compliance for TELUS International in Cork, Ireland. He holds a PhD in Political and Social Thought from Virginia Tech and maintains an ongoing interest in digital policy and economics across the UK, EU, and US. He is also a writer and publisher of fiction and maintains an interest in front-end web development.

Dr. Mario Khreiche

Dr. Mario Khreiche is a professor of media studies at New York University’s Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, where he has taught courses on digital privacy, content moderation, and the emerging workforce. He is a former postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of History. His current research interests include digital education platforms, financial technology, and the impact of automation on global labour.

Emma Stamm

Dr. Emma Stamm is a sociotechnical researcher and writer. She earned her doctorate in Cultural and Social Thought from Virginia Tech, where she holds a teaching position in the Department of History. She also teaches for the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University. Her research interests include the social impact of blockchain tools, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and biotechnology.