How will eco expectations change luxury car design?
22 Apr 2021
How will eco expectations change luxury car design?

Climate concerns are reshaping the ways that brands operate across sectors. In the auto industry, this has manifested in the adoption of hybrid and electric drivetrains – but how else can manufacturers tap into eco sentiments? And how are luxury brands making green machines more appealing?

Giles Chapman

Giles Chapman is a UK-based contributing writer and interviewer for newspapers, magazines, and websites. He is the author of some 40 published bestselling books on diverse car-related subjects, and works with publishers as an experienced and trusted consultant. He’s a regular broadcast contributor on BBC radio and TV channels, also called upon frequently as a ‘talking head’ for documentaries and entertainment shows.

Tamara Warren

Tamara Warren is the developer of Le Car, an online research platform for car buyers. She has written about cars for The New York Times, Car and Driver, Road and Track, Edmunds, Vibe, DUB, and Fortune. She served as transportation editor at The Verge and co-hosted a weekly live show titled Cheddar Rides.

Freddie Mason

Dr.Freddie Mason received his doctorate from the Royal College of Art in 2019, where he researched the history and futures of viscosity and viscous materiality. The fruits of this work formed a book, The Viscous: Slime, Stickiness, Fondling, Mixtures (New York: Punctum Books 2020). He regularly gives talks, teaches, writes and makes films on matters related and unrelated to his material specialisms. He is currently working on a new book about the history of texture in food and art.