How do Australians invest in their pets?
25 Feb 2020
How do Australians invest in their pets?

Animals have become a key part of Australian families, and they’re reaping the benefits. As Australian pet-owners, especially Gen Yers and Zers, embrace the array of new options in the pet-care space, how can brands support pet parents in ensuring their animals are happy and healthy?

Hayley Nicholls

Hayley Nicholls is the national partnerships manager of RSPCA Australia. She oversees the national corporate partnerships between RSPCA and its many sponsorships while maintaining a consistent brand campaign across RSPCA's diverse services.

Jane Foster

Jane Foster is the office manager and client liaison officer at North Shore Veterinary Hospital. She has worked directly between practice and clients, advising in financial management of surgery costs and the options available for the healthcare of beloved pets.

Ann-Marie Cahill

Ann-Marie Cahill is a writer with a history of legal and sociology research. After spending years writing and arguing about legal technicalities, she realised there was far more to our social world to both read and experience.