How can brands connect with Gen Xers?
22 Jan 2020
How can brands connect with Gen Xers?

When they were younger, they were known for just being a bunch of slackers. But things have changed: in 2020, Gen Xers are the ones with the money and the power – so why are brands ignoring them? And what can they do to connect with and cater to this small but financially mighty generation?

Sorilbran Stone

A content strategist based in Atlanta, US, Sorilbran Stone understands how Gen Xers like to be spoken to. She is currently head of content marketing at The Shelf, an influencer marketing agency.

David Yates

A Gen Yer who identifies more strongly with the Gen X mindset, David Yates is a managing partner of Elvis, a creative agency that has created campaigns for brands such as Oreo and Honda.

Rebecca Ritz

If there are three things Gen Xers love, they are fine wine, good food, and outdoor adventures. Rebecca Ritz’s agency, Bauerhaus Design, focuses on all three categories, and has worked with a number of US-based artisan brands.

Sarah Drumm

Sarah Drumm is a freelance journalist covering small businesses, start-ups, and new consumer brands. She is a contributor to Canvas8 and published a report on the popularity of direct-to-consumer brand communities for Thingtesting.