Aug 1, 2019
How are Gen Xers going on holiday?

Called the unsung and forgotten generation, Gen Xers may be squeezed by dominant Boomers and attention-seeking Gen Yers, but their vacationing habits are demanding attention. With plenty of spending power and an urge for adventure, how are brands catering to this holiday-hungry generation?

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“Nobody cares about Generation X”, posited a Bloomberg article from July 2019, but futurist Will Higham suggests you should because they “work hard, play hard, stay young, and keep their friends and planet safe.” [1] Having grown up experiencing a volatile economy, he says Xers “are big spenders on holidays. And they always have been – it’s not just because they’re at an age of peak earning power.” [1] Indeed, according to Experian’s ‘Formidable 40s’ research, they are the highest earners in both gross and net incomes, with an average £1,107.11 and £873.35 per week respectively – and they’ve been at the top of the league for the last six years. [2]