Whatever happened to the traditional handbag?
14 Jan 2020
Whatever happened to the traditional handbag?

With fashionistas favouring utility and novelty over the flashiness of yesteryear, it would seem that days of the ‘It bag’ are over. What does the popularity of micro bags, convertible totes, and tech-enhanced backpacks reveal about people’s changing expectations of this everyday accessory?

Dr. Dina Khalifa

Dr. Dina Khalifa is an experienced academic in luxury branding and marketing.

Maria Malone

Maria Malone is a principal lecturer in fashion business at The Fashion Institute at Manchester Metropolitan University. She worked in the clothing industry for over 20 years and regularly comments on fashion-related stories for the BBC.

Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson is a behavioural analyst for Canvas8. With a background in anthropology, she’s experienced in understanding the cultural mechanisms that shape the world. When not working, she’s making documentaries for her MA programme or wild swimming.