How are brands cashing in on '90s sportswear?
10 Oct 2018
How are brands cashing in on '90s sportswear?

Fila is worn by everyone, from on-trend Gen Yers to suburban dads to world-famous tennis stars. But this year marked a turning point for the label, as it showed its first Milan Fashion Week collection. How did formerly out-of-vogue sportswear labels reclaim their spot in fashion’s big league?

Avarni Bilan

Avarni Bilan is the sportswear account manager at global brand distributor Orrsum, which provides sports-inspired apparel by multiple labels for retailers such as ASOS.

Zak Avery

Zak Avery is the founder of The Garmhaus, a pop-up events company specialising in vintage sportswear and catering to the avid community that surrounds the trend.

Ed Hartley

Ed Hartley is a writer and vintage designer clothing collector from London. Having once walked the runway for the likes of Alexander McQueen, he is now involved in the industry as a photographer and designer.