Why are HNWIs obsessed with festivals?
22 Jul 2019
Why are HNWIs obsessed with festivals?

Gone are the days when going to a festival meant trudging through mud, pitching a tent, and living off Super Noodles and warm beer. Now, festivals offer high-end luxury experiences, from five-star accommodation to onsite spas and champagne bars. Is this why HNWIs are so obsessed with festivals?

Jamie Love

Jamie Love is the CEO and founder of Monumental, London’s leading growth marketing agency. He is a leader in the field of digital marketing with specific focus on acquisition. Jamie has a number of entrepreneurial triumphs under his belt, has created and taught digital marketing syllabuses globally, and is a public figure in the LGBT community.

Olivia Foster

Olivia Foster is a writer and content producer specialising in fashion, politics, entertainment, and women’s issues. She has written for Grazia, Marie Claire, and Stylist, and has worked with brands such as Superdrug, Kurt Geiger, and Netflix. She can be found tweeting @livsdarling.